DJ Duck began his foray into DJ’ing during his sophomore year in high school, and has been on his grind ever since. Coming up under the tutelage of highly respected DJ’s Freddie Fresh and the Legend DJ Jf and Topspeed, Duck continued to perfect his craft. In 2003, Duck secured his first regular gig, DJ’ing the popular under 21 gathering spot Club Ice.

Never one to remain idle, Duck continued networking his way through the ranks, culminating in a coveted position as a guest mixer for Hot 96 3’s Memorial Day Mikki Fikki Mix in 2005. Understanding the promise of such a spot, Duck seized the opportunity, working as a ‘gofer’ and doing such a great job during his slot that he was invited back for each following holiday Mix Weekend, from 4th of July all the way up to the following Memorial Day in 2006. In recognition of his hard work and dedication, Duck was finally made an official Hot 96 3 Mixer in late 2006. During 2006- 2008 Duck has Dee-Jayed in Bloomington’s Top 40 club Kilroy’s. Since then he has moved on to Dee-Jay in various other clubs around the Indianapolis Metropolitan area.

In the tradition of his die-hard work ethic, Duck is also a started his own DJ group called Duck Squad Dj’s, and works with the YMCA’s Urban Missions Branch in downtown Indianapolis and local IPS after school programs, giving back to his community. DJ Duck is definitely the DJ’s DJ, and in solidifying his title of ‘Rookie of the Year’, Duck will continue being a promising prospect for years to come.